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Surfer Vio (2015)

This is the second public version of Vortex Softwares' innovative browser, Vortex Surfer. Releasing in three versions, 'Express, Basic and Pro', this browser provides many advantages over it predecessor. Running on the Chrome engine, the Surfer series is one of the most fastest browsers on the internet. The Express and the Basic versions are recommended only for basic users. Happy surfing!

The Express edition's features are:

  1. Instance based browsing
  2. Chrome engine
  3. 'EasFas' interface
  4. Desktop toast notification on network connection/disconnection
  5. Handy for users new to the internet

The Basic edition's features are:

  1. Awesomium Web Wrapper
  2. EasFas Interface
  3. Desktop toasts on network disconnection
  4. Send instant mails to popular providers with Express Mail Client v2.0
  5. Stunning download speed with the integrated download manager
  6. Download videos from major sites with the integrated Youtube downloader, Youtuber
  7. Large browsing area
  8. History supported
  9. Bookmarking and easy management


Surfer Vio Pro is to be released soon...


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